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Last updated on 2 February 2021, links in backlog yet to be added: 150+
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It inspires and motivates me time and again how many digital tools, collections, research projects, inspiring blogs and podcasts about Iranian Studies and relevant other fields there are now. Over the course of time I have accumulated a large number of scattered notes and links, which I will bundle here in this research compendium. Especially the list of university institutes and international institutions still needs to be expanded. I will constantly extend the list and keep it up to date, suggestions for additions are always welcome!

Substiantial contributions were gathered from: HAZİNE, Amanda Hannoosh Steinberg, Shervin Farridnejad, Evyn Kropf.

1. Literature

Search engines

  • BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine, lists over 150 million documents, of which 60% are OpenAccess)
  • CrossAsia (Search in over 100 millions of bibliographical data in Asian Studies and beyond)
  • Europeana (Searches thousands of european archives, libraries und museums, contains over 50 million digitized books, works of art and music)
  • Google Scholar
  • Internet Archive Scholar (academic search engine made by the Internet Archive)
  • PropylaeumSearch (mainly classical studies and historiography)


Databases & bibliographies

General overview of academic databases (Project by University of Heidelberg)
Database search (Project by Univ. of Augsburg and Regensburg)
CrossAsia (Database and full text portal specialized in Asian Studies, after free signup it allows the use of otherwise licensed databases)


Publication platforms

Digital archives and full texts

Dissertations and theses

Academic reviews

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2. Primary sources and media

Digitized manuscripts and codicology resources

Archaeology, architecture, material culture, art history and photography

Music and sound documents

Geography and cartography

If you are looking for historical map material, it is always worth taking a look at these digital archives.


  • ZENO (oriental coins database)

3. Academia

Academic journals

CAIRN (french language journals and e-books)
DOAJ (directory of OpenAccess journals)
MUSE (academic journal collection, many open access)
Open Edition (academic open access journals)
SAGE Journals (overview of all journals at SAGE)

Universitary institutes

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Institutions, academic societies and networks


4. New Media




Tools & Apps


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