Archived recommendations of the week

  • Ali Tayebi: Tehran-e Naseri
    تهران ناصری

    In his very educative mapping of old and new Tehran, Ali Tayebi juxtaposed a map of modern Tehran with a historical map that was ordered in 1868 by Naser al-Din Shah and finally published in 1888.

  • Theo Beers: Character picker of last resort
    Character picker of last resort

    The name says it all: Theo Beers has created a very handy online tool for picking special characters, useful to all who frequently have to transliterate. He also offers a more elaborate version for constructing whole words.

  • سامانه‌ی حافظه‌ی ملی ایرانیان‌
    سامانه‌ی حافظه‌ی ملی ایرانیان‌

    The National Memory project of the National Library of Iran offers searchable digital collections and databases.

  • Translatio: Persian periodicals

    A growing set of high quality scans of historical Persian periodicals, maintained by the Translatio digitization project at the University of Bonn.

  • Bibliographia Iranica

    A great bibliography blog documenting new publications from various disciplines, run by Arash Zeini, Sajad Amiri, Shervin Farridnejad and Yazdan Safaee.

  • پژوهش‌های ایرانشناسی

    A semi-annual publication on Iranian Studies published by the Faculty of Humanities and Literature of Tehran University.

  • Image is property of Anita Chowdry

    Journeys with Pattern and Colour

    Personal blog of visual artist, researcher and educator Anita Chowdry about her work on manuscript studies and artistic practice in illumination studies. She is also the creator of the beautiful manuscript art blog Prince of Black Sheep.

  • Tehran University Journal Database

    سامانه نشر مجلات علمی دانشگاه تهران 

    The Tehran University Journal Database let’s you search and download journal articles of currently 209 Iranian academic publications and holds over 59,000 articles.

  • Iranologie: History and Culture of Iran

    A podcast and blog on the early cultural history of Iran, hosted by Khodadad Rezakhani, who in the first 12 episodes gives a detailed overview of Iranian history, from prehistoric times to Cyrus. Lengthy and detailed summaries covering the history of Iran up to the Qajar dynasty, maps, and visuals are available on his blog. An overview of all podcast episodes can be found on directories as Apple Podcasts or Podchaser: Iranologie: The History of Iran Podcast.

  • شناخت موسیقی دستگاهی ایران

    A 59 episodes long Persian audio course in the theory of dastgāh-music of Iran, read and taught by one of Iran’s most famous authorities on music: none other than the late great Mohammad Reza Lotfi, may his soul be blessed. The programme was originally recorded for Radio Farhang, and is available via spotify and all common podcast players.